Delbert caught Dean prying into her diary, trying to find out if she was seeing someone else.

I'm afraid of cats.


Debbie doesn't have to worry about me anymore.

The man began to take off his hat, glasses and mask.

I regret having to say this.


I don't know who Jinny might've spoken to.

How long did the Hundred-Year War last?

Let's proceed with the items on the agenda.

Sometimes you get lucky.

I've been coaching three years.

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She has a heart of gold.

Vivek was excited to go to the concert.

Ram must still be in his thirties.

Why would I want that?

Shane's a bright boy. He catches on very quickly.

Ann is exceedingly fond of chocolate.

Did you forget something?


I accidentally threw an expensive knife into the trash.

The disabled considered her their best advocate.

It suddenly occurred to Irfan that his car keys weren't in his pocket.

Do you seriously believe that that machine has travelled into time?

Sanjay married a nurse.

Which do you usually drink, wine or beer?

I think what you're doing is dangerous.

What is the square root of 67?

Who is the architect?

He overestimates his youth too much.

The only problem is Hans didn't finish his exam.

That was a fearful scene.

If he really liked me, he would have called me last night.


Do you think something's happened to Adrian?

I'd love to come and visit.

I'll come by train.

This really isn't an island.

That's how we did it.

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She had never mingled in the society of women.

Clark needs to loosen up a little.

Give me a call when you get back.


I don't know much about painting, but I can tell that this brush has an excellent stroke feel to it.

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They need a sharp knife.

The baby lay sleeping in the cradle.

All of them agreed to the proposal.


Randal isn't the only one who thinks it would be a good idea to get there early.

I am adding salt to my food.

When he fell into disgrace, all his friends abandoned him.

Do you drink milk?

I had great expectations for Johnny.

I need my coat.

Thad left a big tip for the waiter.

This hat doesn't fit me.

The flame flickered for a moment, then died out.

That's very difficult for us.

Let's go outside for some fresh air.

Gill lives in the heart of the city.

I don't think we can trust Stephe.

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The baby wiped his hands covered in chocolate on his bib.


Debbie doesn't know when to quit.

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"How did the accident happen?" "Nobody knows."

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I want to make sure Marci is safe.

Kanthan knows that's no good.

Jim set out to write something in his notebook.

I'm certain that Mum will be angry.

Frederick doesn't seem to be paying attention.


Put the broom in the closet.

A horse runs quickly.

There is a TV remote control under the couch.

Teenage boys are more likely than girls to be low achievers.

I assume that no one knows the answer.

It's very special.

Marvin's very content now that Phill's moved in with him.

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How do you put up with all the noise?


It's almost time.

I lost heart.

They stopped talking as soon as I came into the room.

This isn't a competition.

It was a dry year, and many animals starved.

She is good at speaking English.

I've always done it that way.

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It's time to talk.


Who is that man over there?

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Lorenzo can ride a horse.

Overdose deaths from opioids killed more than 28,000 Americans in 2014.

Who do you think it is?

You must leave for Nagoya now.

There are still too many unanswered questions.

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

I'm not having dinner with you tonight.

Sonny didn't know where his car was.

We lost radio contact.

I want to make things clear. Micheal is NOT my boyfriend.

Mysore doesn't deserve another chance.


I have had such a busy morning.


That's not accurate.


Our project failed.


Ten tame goats pull ten hundredweights of sugar to Zurich main station.


How does that happen?

I don't get you at all.

Have you really done this before?

This can is empty.

Today's land problems are the product of years of neglect by successive governments.


Niall is obviously very popular.

Could you speak to them?

Everyone wants to hear what everyone wants to hear.


It never rains, it pours.

Tor has big ears.

It's just a spiral-bound book.

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I'm not wearing socks.

Wait just a minute, please.

I've been told that I should pay more attention.

You are a dream.

You were lucky that you didn't get caught in the rain.

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I never thought I'd find them.

I want to know where they've taken Boyce.

He came running into the room.

You are a wife to your husband.

I knew it could happen.

At the most, the trip will cost $1,000.

I waited for Shel for three hours, but he never came.

These windows are opened by him.

I'm thrilled with my purchase.

He pulled his son by the ear.

No more parties.


She wove the grass into a box.

Don't fail to write to me.

I had to wait for him wake up.


Lawrence is a good chess player, isn't he?

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This enables me to see and face my present trouble.

Luxembourg is called "Luxembourg" in French.

What house do you like more?

Dennis and Allen dated each other for three years.

Your report is good - even remarkable.

I haven't had a cold since I was fifteen.

Can virtue exist without sin?

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He lost the sight of one eye in a traffic accident.


How about a song?

You must continue to study.

Sweden has generous parental leave and child care policies.

Do it in this manner.

Special forces might do a lot of bad things but they never talk about them.

At any rate, Ozawa hurriedly took off his raincoat and quickly put it on the naked girl's shoulders.

I'm hanging the calendar on the wall.

Do you think something will happen?

Let me hear from you very soon.


Really? I had locked it up before I went out.

They compensated for the loss.

I don't know it. Nor does he.

May I go to the bathroom?

I want to talk to your boss.

This book was translated from French.

I don't mind sleeping on the couch.

Has John decided on a career yet?

You should keep in touch with Mr Smith.

I don't think he's gay. He's married and has three children.

I was almost certain you'd say something like that.

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You never told me that you didn't like Archie.

Bernard was the one who helped me pull weeds in the garden.

The game was canceled at the last minute.

While you're young, you should read a lot.

Nothing's working out for me today.

Come here, little girl, sit down!

Yesterday Izzy stayed home all day.

I'll see you when I get back.

Anatole is still dealing with that problem.

A wise man changes his mind, a fool never.

Call a policeman.