Would you say that's true?

Mwa received the materials you sent him.

We rested on some stones.

I tried to kiss Rex, but he wouldn't let me.

He will come here soon to inspect the industry of this town.

Think of number one and do what is best for yourself!

"Fast" is the opposite of "slow."

I moved to a new house last week, and I studied in the library yesterday.

He drinks milk.

Creativity is what we're looking for.

They live nearby.

I want to go for a walk in the countryside.

We are making tea.

You're both crazy.

She wouldn't let him in the room no matter what.

The radio is too loud.

Melinda wanted to help Carsten, but he didn't know where to begin.

There's a rumor that the President will resign.

Do you have any preference between beef and lamb?

Nylon stockings often run.

When I was a little child, I used to play baseball after school.

We're coming to pick you up.

Jelske still doesn't look very happy.

If we are to be there at six, we will have to start now.

Is there any chance of my borrowing your typewriter?

I want you to come to Boston.

I saw several people hanging out in the park.

Nothing will excuse such an act.

Does someone here speak French?

He concentrated his attention on what she said.

We'll think of something else.

Please get this work finished by Monday.

Please feed the cat.

Help me move this desk.

School uniforms are just out of fashion.

Rephrasing the well-known principle of Shaw in conformity with Tatoeba, one can say: "Make up a sentence that even a fool can translate, and only a fool would like to translate it."

John rents the house and I sublet a room from him.

I cleared up my desk.

Why doesn't she help me anymore?

Sharon was really impressed.

Who'd buy this?

What is it that you really want to say?

You may have it for nothing.

The police keep order.

You should go talk to her.

I like dragon fruit.

Tea with lemon for me, please.

This is the big one.

You need a key to open the box.

I'll finish reading this novel soon.

I'm a person with guts and a strong will.

She is seeking a job.

Don't disappoint me now.

Don't curse or I'll wash your mouth out with soap.

As you won't live forever, of course, your housing accommodations are impermanent.

Amigo was responsible for it.

I'll get her.

Please bring in the washing.

Ed is very energetic.

He does so not because he hates you, but because he loves you.

He was a good king.

I decided to tell her that I love him.

Spring came late this year.

That's going to take time.

My house is in the northern part of the city.

He died in battle.

Is your job dangerous?

I know who killed my parents.

Vernon insists on talking to you.

It's hard to believe, isn't it?

Are you sure you don't want to join me?

I didn't know Space could cook so well.

Empty your pocket.

Sofia appeared confused.

Am I the father?

She advised him to read those books.

Lonhyn never fails to send a birthday present to his father.

That can't be allowed.

He's always at odds with his boss.

You seem to know a lot.

She was asking me if I was able to write.

Moran is going to help us tomorrow.

What is the price of this cap?

Soohong rushed into the subway.

Ian is a professional.

A police investigation is in progress.

There's something even worse than calumny, it's truth.

Darin was secretly pleased.

You teach us to speak English.

You'd better be very sure before you accuse Ramadoss of anything.

Today it's quite hot.

Elsa isn't supposed to even talk to Aimee.

When the counter value reaches the assigned 'lucky-number' it displays a congratulatory message.

Someday, I would like to possess a sailboat.

I won the event.

We all want prices to decline.

Vistlik says he knows how difficult it'll be to do that.

I'm looking forward to your letter!

You should join our group.

When is the paper due?

Nervous people will scratch their heads.

The terrible scene made him tremble in fear.

Do you come here every night?

Owen and Stefan are helicopter parents.

After a while, the protesting mob became disorderly.

I want to go swimming.

You've got to answer the question.

The meal satisfied his hunger.

How can I get my toddler to eat vegetables?

Jane is not capable of learning from experience.

It's your decision.

Ken's team will win nine cases out of ten.

I don't see them anywhere.

Change can sometimes be difficult, but it can also open up new opportunities and be a means of personal growth and development.

Lenora made her own lunch.

I've always admired you enormously.

Trying to impress the girls, Martin?

The calf muscle is located on the back of the lower leg.

Tell Son I love her.

He came accompanied by a Canadian girl.

She weighs more than 80 kg.

I ate one.

She made him cry.

Trains stopped in consequence of the heavy rain.

I see no reason to stop.

Wendy parked his car in the garage.

I'll pay you back as soon as I can.

Are you going to the theater tonight?

Floria doesn't want to live in the country.

I wish we could ask Rod to help.

I've asked myself that question a thousand times.

Let me think.

Do you think Turkeer is dangerous?

We never use them.

Can you dance the two-step?

Brender slid the door open.

I'm so happy you found me.

Lex has what Hein wants.

He never does anything but she smells it out.

Dig a hole here and put the gold pieces into it.

We put vegetable seeds in the field.

He admitted having done wrong.

They look rather fake.

Death comes in many guises, but the end result is always the same.

The restaurant closed to the public.

It seems so to me that this is not entirely wrong.

I tell you, this can't end well.

We must prevent the fire from reaching the gunpowder at any cost.

This can is leaking.

My watchdog is alert to the slightest sound and movement.

Cristi didn't let me do that.

Maybe I overdid it a little.

They changed the world.

I'll make Van do it.

I sent Nathan back home.

We're just looking for him.

He does speak well.

My father uses an old dictionary whose cover has come off.

There's more to it than that.

Don't go anywhere, OK?

I tried writing a novel.

Therefore, for any text you hold the copyright to, by submitting it, you agree to license it under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0 (fr).

"Are you being attended to?" asked the shopkeeper.

They easily adapted to living abroad.

What have you decided?

That way of thinking influenced a lot of people.

You're a kind person.

I had to resign because I just didn't get along with the new boss.

Try and calm down.

Don't be afraid to invest time and energy.

We can hardly settle things by theory alone.

She's wearing fake nails.

I won't have time on Monday nor on Tuesday.

I think I'll talk to him.

Dawson thinks Seymour is amazing.

They didn't answer.

I come here every day.

He was too feeble to do manual labor.

He is a so called liberal.

I tried to persuade him, but in vain.

I consulted the handbook.

It's non-refundable.

Can I make an appointment to have a medical examination?

Dan came for a visit yesterday.

Drawing is a lot of fun; it helps me to relax.

Edmund said he needed to ask me a few more questions.

Isn't this kind of obvious?

She doesn't speak Japanese at home.

We need to get this truck unloaded before it starts raining.

How do you want to be polite with people like him?

Tracy got up and started to walk away.

Why do some wicked people feel the need to troll disruptively on Tatoeba?

Oskar says that he hasn't made up his mind yet.

All art is quite useless.

Marion hated school.

It's thirty degrees below zero.

The police arrested Tharen after responding to reports of a disturbance at his home.

He is raising a big stink over a minor glitch.

That boggles the mind.

Very good, thank you.