Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

Nobody called you.

Do you still have a headache?

This time, although I'm more experienced, there's nobody waiting to meet me.

I'm saving this seat for them.

It wasn't Lee, was it?


I tried to convince them.


I'm up to my neck in it.

I can't fancy his saying that.

Hector bought that car for three thousand dollars three months ago.

Everything comes to an end sometime.

I'll see what else we need to bring.

I'll phone them.

In its "Eleven Five Plan" (2006 to 2010), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pledged to implement phone connections in every village and Internet connections in every town.

Angela has been acting strangely.

There is no one but knows the fact.

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Vidhyanath couldn't afford to buy everything he needed.

I thought that my mother was going to kill me.

They got caught red-handed.

I'll go with you if you like.

You'll never guess how much money they're going to pay me.


Try not to repeat yourself.

A glass of wine in the evening helps me to unwind after a busy day.

The bill, please.

He will accept your offer.

We can't just let him leave.

May contain nuts.

He was so near that I couldn't avoid him.

You had a good time, didn't you?

What can we drink?


Tell me the truth.

Harry fainted at the sight of blood.

Germany lies at the heart of Europe.


Tharen knows that Kim went to Boston.


We're ready to begin.


We don't have time to debate.

The point is it's not funny.

I never told you that.

I sang one.

The machine operates all day long.


I did half the work; I think I can rest for a bit.

There's someone inside.

The trees that line the street have lovely blossoms in spring.

I have seen him once on the train.

She is a polished lady.

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When does this plane reach Narita?

Donal no longer trusts Tait.

Lincoln won the election.

I usually agree with her.

Let's sit where there is some shade.

I smoked in my youth.

I don't feel like talking to anyone right now.

Who the heck is Troy?

I'm not at my best in the mornings.

Do you need a doctor?

We are expecting the publication of his book.

We had a disagreement.

You should come home before six.


There will be a lot of alcohol at the party.

I'd be happy to tell him.

I'm pleased with my new underwear.

Lowell is telling his children a bedtime story.

Prove you're brave.

He was educated at Oxford.

She doesn't want kids.

Let's go wake him up.

I know it's there somewhere.

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Did you see the sunset earlier? It was really beautiful.

I'm from around here, actually.

I went back to the house.

We will deal with this problem in Chapter Three.

We've looked at a lot of things.

I'd rather tell her in person.

What happened, Sally?


Do we know who he is?

We invited a novelist and poet to the party.

I forgot to pay the electric bill.


"Is this a joke?" "Of course it's a joke!"

I can't let that happen.

You arrived too early.

Sundaresan pushed Alvin off the pier.

Regrettably, that didn't happen.

Hillary has very good manners.

Each time I see Jitendra, I learn something new and important from her.


I can't wait for the weekend to begin.

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My mother's brother's wife is my aunt.

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I don't think what you need has been invented yet.


Seal the box with glue, and not with tape.

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We'll make a list.

I thought Urs was happy.

We probably won't need to do that again.


The Himalayas were formed by the collision of the tectonic plates of India and Eurasia about 50 million years ago.

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The news was on.

Give me a call later.

Never mind Les.


They're not going to stop her.

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Matti'll be all right soon.

This is going to work out fine.

You can have this room all to yourself.

Lorenzo told me so himself.

Nicolette, I want you to meet Pilar.

We'll be eating in the conference room today.

The penis is what commits adultery.

I like your new hair color.

Where can I find the milk?

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She cannot recommend him too much.

I love practical jokes.

Aren't you impressed?

We're a little pressed for time.

The coast is clear.

Where do you stay?

I'm glad you're enjoying it.


Laurie is going to the United Kingdom for vacation.

We're going to have to verify this.

Yes, a man is as good as his word. But I'll just be helping, you understand. You'll have to work too.


I would go to the library if I had a car to get there.

Magicians jealously guard their secrets.

We'll see her later.

Are you certain of that?

No one should be above the law.

I did not play tennis yesterday.

I didn't even see him go.


Thirteen percent were opposed.

"It's really muggy today." "You're not kidding."

Be quiet. If you aren't quiet, you'll be thrown out.

Hot tears ran down her cheeks.

Are you sure that you want to do this?

I hired a boat by the hour.

She's far behind in her studies.

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Roland certainly looks older than twelve.

There's nothing unusual to report.

Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of India.


I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.

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I think you've had enough candy for one day.

I'm sorry about this.

We could keep it a secret.

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They're studying the Bible.

I just want to be normal.

I need a little more time.

The nurse sat little Tigger down and told him to stick out his tongue.

Now look what you've done.

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I have a few tickets in row 15.

This chocolate is very sweet and delicious.

The situation is capable of improvement.

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Walt and June have three cats and two dogs.

Merril has never been one to admit that he's wrong.

I warn you not to do that again.

I just wish I knew how to do that.

Mitch showed up in Boston three days after he said he would.

If you have any questions, just ask Elizabeth.

You're sort of rude.


Marilyn is a talented guitarist, but he's a horrible singer.

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If he studied hard, he could pass the exam.


You handled the situation well.

I hate hypocritical communities.

Do you work there, too?

Temperatures at the North Pole have hit a record high.

Josip is better than I was at his age.

Teriann's well.

Which river is the longest in Japan?

They both have farms less than three kilometers from here.

My father suggested that we go camping.

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She admitted that I was right.