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My mother gets along with my aunt.

Does that mean that you forgive me?

He likes cooking for his family.

Jobs are scarce.

If my mistakes were always corrected, I would learn faster.

One thing's for sure: nobody can stop me!

Would you mind showing Vladislav around the city?


Hunger is perhaps the strongest of all human drives.

I couldn't sleep, thinking about it.

You're not supposed to be out here.

Happiness is a shower.

I forgot your number.


Raman wondered what Heidi had been thinking about.

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You should try to learn something new every day.

Rajendra was my best friend when I was in high school.

I always take a bath in the morning.

Would you like to see it again?

Lindsay is now a little more careful than he used to be.

I'll never set foot in this house again.

Greetings from Cornwall!

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The facts became known to everyone.

I've been with Terrance ever since.

How many peaches are there?

Charleen said it's not over.

Lo, thus, by day my limbs, by night my mind, for thee, and for myself, no quiet find.


How are you so good at English?

Who was that guy?

I went to the doctor today

You're attractive.

I'm only trying to protect you.


She must be from the South.

In special forces, torture is a taboo.

Clem ordered pizza.

I know you worry about him.

I cannot wring this carpet by myself.

Ninja gave me some good advice.

Would you go to the prom with me?

There wasn't a single vacant seat in the hall.

He has made rapid progress in English.


Workers of all lands, unite!

She had at least four faults.

One of her four sisters has passed away but the others are still with us.

If it had not been for his help, we would have failed in business.

There's a paper they want you to sign.

I need a hammer to nail the boards.

I'm wealthy.


They won't be happy until they've taken everything we own.


Jianyun heard Steve's car drive off.

I visit my parents every Sunday without fail.

I haven't heard this song in a long time.

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Ricky is thoughtful, isn't he?

No one can be that disgusting.

We hired a company to get rid of the insects under our house.


He knows how to cook meat.

The music we listened to last night was wonderful.

There's very little activity around here on Sundays.

I became a Catholic because I'm extremely pessimistic.

Don't blame him for the error.

With the exception of Jim, everybody came.

I planned a party for you.

I saw a car through the window.

Isn't the Christmas festival just simply wonderful?

Let's hope we get there on time.

I can't swallow these tablets without a drink of water.

She has to drink water.

When was the last time you had a checkup?


The women play tennis.

We were surprised at the sound.

I choose you!

This baby is half a year old.

Have you ever heard her talk?

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I brought you here so we could talk.


Both Laurie and Wilson are blind.

Are these shoes too big for you?

It is Jack's diamond.

Travis winked back.

This is one of Boston's most respected construction companies.

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Could you go stand over there, Sir?

Somebody's waiting for you.

I was really disappointed when I found out that I hadn't passed the exam.

Kanthan won't remember a thing.

I'm not up for it.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to study for the exam, so I failed it.

What could've given you that idea?

Why don't you try a taste of this?

I needed money.

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Parents should monitor their children's activities.

Edmund told me you're from Boston.

I'd like to hear a lot more about your trip.

I suppose we should tell Noemi the truth.

The joey snuggled down into the warm kangaroo pouch of his mother.

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June doesn't often eat lunch with his wife.


You are still keeping secrets from me.


This picture must have been taken in 1964.

"How was the test?" "It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be."

Does your arm hurt?

There's an ant in the hall.

Julius climbed the Kilimanjaro.

You were here earlier, weren't you?

Sedat looks very anxious.


What makes you think they know who you are?


Should we stay or should we go?

The mystery surrounding his death was played up by the media.

I wish you'd given me a little more notice.

You'll repent at the cross.

One is red and the other is white.

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My house faces to the south.

Salt is sold by weight.

They paid no attention to their safety.


Dion became self-conscious.

I leave for London tomorrow morning.

You're spontaneous.

My grandmother used to tell me pleasant fairy tales.

Hurf chased Skef all the way to the station.

He found himself in a tight spot.

Yesterday morning I ate a waffle.


How big is too big for a phone?


Might I use your phone?

I just wanted to give you this.

Casper learned to skate at when he was thirteen.

I don't even care anymore.

After the calves are weaned they are moved to the plush river-flats for fattening.

They trust me.

She grabbed her purse.

Celia had a good time.

The populists won.

Yes, the wine is red.

Edgar was partially correct.

The demonstration achieved nothing.

Can I get a connecting flight to Atlanta?

I'd like a little more tea.

She imposes on her friends too often.


No one has tried this before.

No more of your jokes, please.

I no longer remember Devon's smile.

Please help me fill out this form.

He dumped the papers back into the drawer.


A planet is a large space body which reflects the light of a star around which it revolves.

You've definitely gotten better at French.

You sounded just like Hazel.

The trains weren't running due to the snowfall.

You can't go in there alone.

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She likes tigers.

Do you have a coat and a hat?

She is a young student.

I'd never wear a shell suit.

Many fans are gathering in front of the singer's car.

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Marie is a carpenter.


There's no evidence.

I'm worried about that.

Bring her along.


The meeting was called off.


In the event of misfortune, celebrations are the best.

I'm attentive.

That's not what I'm going to talk about.

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They made everything easy for Dieter.

He came here a long time ago.

I have had more than enough.


Milo's enjoyment of his first visit to Europe was enhanced by his ready grasp of languages.

She always has a serious look on her face.

Find me a glass.

He was a strong boy, full of life, before he was stricken with the plague.

The policeman saw who killed her.

Our trip lasted a long time.

Thomas has a tattoo of a stoat on the back of his neck.