Do you think Wolf has changed?

It's still not easy.

We can't do anything about that.

I'm glad you're well.

They all gasped.

Pharamp paid a fine for illegal parking.

The followings are the chief events of 1993.

Am I going to see you tomorrow?

Drinking too much is bad for your health.

I made the wedding cake.

The hotel is located deep in the mountains.

Dale didn't look comfortable.


Before, young ones used to ask me to draw them a sheep, now they want me to teach them how to make a commit. Times, they are a-changin'.

I'd like to buy a refrigerator.

I can't tell you how bad this makes me feel.

I've worn holes in my socks.

This is my mobile phone.


I need to see her immediately.

This video is not available in your region.

Shel only earns half as much money as Nikolai does.


I spent three weeks in Boston last summer.

Allan was having hot flashes.

I'll take that.

He examined the spare parts one by one.

Do you want to see it?

I gave up on her.

Please just tell me what's going on.

You're interfering.

It's the only one I know of.


I just got back from my morning swim.

I wish I knew what to tell her.

The Mahdi Army is a private militia in Iraq.


I'm coming back.

Railroad service was suspended because of the fog.

We want Kylie Minogue to come to Turkey, especially Gaziantep.


It was not until recently that she changed her mind.

Don't pee on an electric fence.

Why is there a basketball hidden in your purse?


How long do we stop here?

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He spoke in a slow and creaking voice.

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I will never hurt you.

Renu wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you.

Jem was always busy.


I hope everything will be fine in the end.

We were having a quiet supper when out of the blue my mother announced she was going back to school.

I had a tennis match with him.


Ships can't rival aircraft for speed.

I'm going to head home.

I'll fix your sink for you if you want.

We were just talking about that.

That bank over there would do the service.

It was really exciting.

Don't drop that glass.

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Every Friday night they went and got liquored up.

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He is a very serious person.

They held a special session on trade problems.

They were encouraged not to let their cattle roam freely.

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Jeannette is married to a Canadian.

I've never worn a sleeping gown in my life.

Angela gave Giovanni the ring he'd bought for her.

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I'm kind of busy.

They're really big.

Thomas witnessed the accident.

My daughter was cheated.

The crowd broke out in hearty laughter.

I trust that I can see you again.

We're all bound to die.

We must not allow this to happen.

One glass of red wine a night is enough to damage health, say scientists.


Personality is what makes individuals unique.


Why did you stay?

He has been sleeping since around 8 o'clock.

These horses are yours.


Don't buy me anything.

I just bought a 40 inch flat screen television.

I heard a strange sound coming from the garage.

I'm coming to the car.

What Ji needs is guidance.

Some of the ingredients are harmful, especially if you are pregnant.

I hope Maria writes soon.


Mikey says he feels a lot better today.

I'd like to see you this afternoon.

I hope you had a productive day.


I have a hard time believing that.


She did the dishes of her own accord.


My guess is Irfan bought more than three.

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Take it apart if necessary.

Maurice doesn't work as hard as he used to.

Magda will be married to a Spaniard.


Would you care for a drink of punch?

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I would have liked to see the ending of the film, but I had to leave the theater.

He will call on me tomorrow.

Do you remember the night Curtis died?


You should have spoken more politely.


I don't know what you want to hear.


I picked Merril up at the train station.

The facts are just the reverse of what Briggs told you.

Wade invited me personally.

Ted has been very friendly toward me.

I have to go to the little boys' room.

I've never seen that before.

Is she marrying him for his money?

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Whose side are you on?

"Can you cook?" - "Yes, I can. But I can't guarantee it'll taste good."

I've been there myself.

Scarcely had the dog seen me when it ran away.

How many different ways do you know how to cook eggs?

He mixes up words, so his letter is full of blunders.

I have to pull a ripcord to start my lawn mower.


It is quite natural that he should be angry.

We express our thoughts by means of languages.

Elisabeth settled down to his work.

It smells like something's burning.

Spass spent all afternoon cleaning his room.

I've lost all the contacts from my address book.

In a sexual relationship cheating on someone is if the person has sex with someone else.


I don't know if that's such a good idea.


At seven I'll be back.

This land belongs to the Royal Family.

I know he likes me.

Why is Al working late?

He was big and handsome.


Hey, I may have no money, but I still have my pride.

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Laziness is my weak point.

Did they already know each other?

Do they know it well?


She as well as her friends is fond of music.


Lori stayed for a while.


The new plan may bring into being a peace which will be lasting.


Luc should be living at home with us.

My mouth is dry.

The German translators, always late, hadn't translated this sentence yet, and Caleb and Gilles worried as to whether they should go through another translation to reach the sentence in Lojban.

Japanese are Asians.

The teacher was really upset and threw Johnny out of class.


Devon is good at golf.

Did you arrest Pieter?

I'm looking for work.

I'll ring you up at seven this evening.

That store is open all year.

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Collin didn't know Bucky at all.

You were the only one who could have helped us.

The smell is pleasant.

Here's looking at you, kid.

Dory always takes his time in everything he does.

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Andre always dresses in black.

June is on his cell phone.

Lord is inconsistent.

She has a fake tan.

I don't think it's anybody's fault.

Nobody is interested in my country.

Could you tell me what's going on?

He got up the courage to ask her to marry him.

Because of the increasing risk of complications the doctor decided to induce labor.


Karma is a nasty little bitch!


How long ago did you start studying French?

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Merat won't hurt you.