The Secretary General’s Greeting

Distinguished Delegates,
Ladies & Gentlemen,
Dear Visitor of the Model United Nations of Goldberg website,

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.“

Malala Yousafzai, a powerful young woman, stated this in her first speech after being attacked by the Taliban in Pakistan. She gave it at a UN Youth Takeover that took place in New York City in June 2013. Hundreds of young advocates - politically interested youths - had the chance to brighten up the world a little bit.

Times are changing and even if we live in a highly technologized world there are still huge differences between our nations. In the past there have been many attempts to tackle these differences but even the best attempt wasn't enough.

That’s why we need to take over responsibility now. We are the ones who must change our manner of life before it is too late to rescue our planet. Our generation is still young enough and with tolerance, open-mindedness and dedication we are the ones to help make the change to our life worth living.

Democracy is often forgotten in times of trouble and in a world where populism is on the rise. In a society where people want to return to former standards, forgetting to appreciate what has been achieved, it is more pressing than ever to change minds. Populism might appear as a simple solution to all our issues but we shall never forget that populism always means regression, too.

Now it's our turn to make our own change and there is no greater opportunity for that than MUNOG. We want to set a clear signal against these attitudes and there is no better way to develop and strengthen our tolerance than a MUN conference. Besides all positive effects every individual can achieve through profound sessions, it is our way to brighten up the future.

Therefore, I wish all of us a unique MUN experience at our tenth Model United Nations of Goldberg and I am looking forward to welcoming you in October - 19th to 23rd.

H. E. Jolyne Schmitt
Secretary General of MUNOG 2018