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The Smashguide is an unofficial collection of articles and resources for the competitive fighting game Smash Bros Ultimate. Ultimately we want to answer the question: "How to get better at smash bros ultimate" either by collecting the information here or by linking to a reputable source.

This website is a project by my super smash brother and myself to collect and curate as much interesting and useful information for improving in Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. We both have been playing Smash Bros Melee for more than 10 years (non competitively) in a vacuum and just recently joined the smash community with Smash Bros Ultimate. We are really stoked about this game and like many others believe that it has the potential to stick around for a long time. We will continue to add new information as we get better at this game.


Check out our resource section if you want to find more information about Smash Bros Ultimate. We have a list of books, youtube-channels, subreddits and more that we can recommend! In order to cover hosting costs we use amazon affiliate links with which we get a small percentage per purchase. Disclaimer:

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