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Ji was killed.

I'm a bit down because a blogger friend of mine has decided to stop blogging.

You must be very careful with this.

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Would you know where there is a pharmacy that is open till late?

You've got to help me learn to drive.

I am tired, from sickness and work.

Hugh was reading your paper last night, but I don't know if he finished it.

Tapas are a typical Spanish dish.


There can be only one interpretation.


I have seen enough.

I was happy for Bertrand.

Gordon handed Hank a sandwich.


I'm not going to lug their suitcases around.

It's my CD.

I want to finish this work by five.


I thought I understood you.

The flood of 1342 was the biggest deluge in the history of central Europe.

Philip has already finished breakfast.

Sally asked me about my new job.

Darin said he was kidnapped when he was thirteen.


My new boots are made of real leather and have relatively high heels.


I didn't even receive one letter from her.


It's a lifetime appointment.

Linda got to his feet and left the room.

Kids learn quickly.

German is not only spoken in Germany.

Darren got a transplant.

It's the answer told by lines that stretched around schools and churches, in numbers this nation has never seen. By people who waited three hours and four hours, many for the first time in their lives, because they believed that this time must be different, that their voices could be that difference.

Just talk among yourselves while I get organised here.


Julius says that he wants to live a simple and happy life.

What I dread most is to get into a rut.

It's difficult to breathe when humidity is high.

Carlo couldn't tell me what I really wanted to know.

I don't think we should trust Adrian.

My name is not Kuzey.

She needs to lose a few pounds.

Sheep fur is fluffy.

Stu has already done what he said he'd do.

He is punctual.

Your collar has a stain on it.

Indra and Marvin both don't understand French at all.

Can this car go any faster?

It'll probably be easier for everyone if we don't tell Srinivasan until after we shut the life support down.

I knew you were crazy, but I didn't know you were this crazy.


I complained to the manager.

Shean has been found guilty.

Mayuko came out of the room.

Shut up or you'll get thrown out.

Samir is a tough competitor.


He is good-looking and smart.


She plays beach volleyball.


They didn't change their minds.


I said he could go.


Let's take the bus.

He gently laid a hand on her shoulder.

I'm sure that my daughter will pass the exam.


Louis looked at the odometer.

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By smoking cigarettes, he's making his children sick.

He went about town looking for his missing dog.

I actually don't know the answer.

Time heals everything.

Don't rub it in.

Since her husband died, Cristina has suffered a lot.

I can't tell if you're being honest or not.


He did it while she was drunk.

She hung her head low in shame.

The branches gave but did not break.

I don't have anywhere to go.

She seldom, if ever, goes to movies by herself.

Could you tell me your name again?

Jeremy looked through the supplies.

Smile for the camera.

Turkeer has been most than generous.

We're hot.

May we ask you to remit in full settlement at your earliest convenience?

Mayo doesn't smile very often.

Jill is quite enthusiastic, isn't he?


I had a bad headache yesterday. That was why I was absent.

During the strike, 35% of the trains will operate.

Thank you for climbing this tree to help me.

Your substitute has already been picked out.

Pratapwant helped Nadeem up.

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That's also a bad idea.

I'm sure she will turn up soon.

Tell her not to come.


Lynnette will go there tomorrow.


It is necessary.

What is the difference between imitation and real diamonds?

He never takes any notice of what his father says.


The girl disappeared in the misty forest.

Let's go back to Australia.

I'll buy what we need.


He draws straight lines.

Chris has apologized twice.

Don't you see my garden?

The breeze kissed her face.

The streetcar was packed.

The curtain has not yet risen.

She had a lot to study for the test.


Do you accept the explanation?

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He fired me.

I tried to get her to tell me.

Have you heard about what happened to Neal?

The garbage disposal is very loud.

All we do is study.


This project is a gold nugget.


Even if the collection is not what I expected, I must be appreciate his effort.

Dominic wanted Harmon to read him a story.

Enlightening the people is very easy.

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I'm getting pretty tired.


There's no coffee left.

The solution of one may prove to be the solution of the other.

Our lunch break's over.

We will accept nothing less than full Victory! Good luck!

Dennis knows what he wants to say.


Finding the optimal for a numerical function can be an important challenge.

I am single.

Is friendship more important than love?

Father bought me some books.

I want to take a break.

She is a brilliant scholar and is everywhere recognized as such.

I thought for sure you'd left town already.


Can I sit next to him?

We have ourselves a whole new ball game.

A number of Japanese people travel abroad every summer.

We haven't found gold in the brook either.

I just want you to accept me for who I am.


Is that even a word?

If you should change your mind, let me know.

Is she marrying him for his money?


That dog is too dangerous to be left loose.

She did not agree to the proposal.

I live on the fifth floor.

Children all leave the nest one day.

That area's off-limits.

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Let's have a beer.


The incident sowed the seeds of the war.

I expect her to come back before lunch.

Vincent can't have gone to bed yet.

Both of the passengers in the back seat had neck injuries.

His finger bleeds.


Please mark the correct answer.

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I'm not staying.


Ask her how much soup she wants.

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Alexis has plans.


This toy is almost indestructible.


I know you probably want to be alone, so I'll leave.

I believe he can win.

I will sell it as soon as I find a buyer.

Don't walk so fast. I can't keep up with you.

Once more!

We heard a loud explosion.

I heard every word.

Jorge seems to be looking for something.

It's not bothering anyone.

Even if you don't feel like eating, you should eat something. If you don't, you won't last until lunch time.

Do you care what kind of music we listen to?