They were attacking people, not peaceful people.

Was there a malfunction?


Niels decided that it wasn't necessary to paint the ceiling.

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What were you two talking about?

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Herman can't make up his mind whether to get a job or to go to college.

We will have an English test next Monday.

He is Australian.

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Everybody blames you.

I know some of these girls.

He was handsome and only forty-three years old.

I'm glad I'm not like that.

They always skip school.


I work from Monday through Saturday.

Harrison's men continued to chase the enemy.

Sanjay has known Gail since he was a little boy.

The food seems very delicious.

Major is much more cooperative now.

Sanjeev is a flexitarian.

The man whose work it is to amuse people who attend a show is an entertainer.


Such was her joy that she shed tears.

She's rather clueless.

I'm very sorry about what the U.S. has done in Iraq. This war has been a tragedy for everyone.

Do you want to buy this?

In the old days we would go ice skating in the winter, but now we are too old.

I agree with you, Kenneth.

nous restons.

Are you sure that it was Les?

It's necessary for us to sleep well.

I have bought a car.

Turkey has the world's largest refugee population.


He was just behind me.

I really don't understand why Ira did that.

We grow grapes, corn and fruit trees.

Blair tipped the barrel over.

I've never needed a friend more than I do right now.

We're tired and thirsty.

What's the tallest mountain you've climbed?


Eduardo is from Ecuador. He's an Ecuadorian.

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Mikey did just fine.

Where is the laundry?

Do you like music?

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Devon and Mario have stopped talking to each other.

I admit my mistake.

Vladimir is nervous.

Sehyo killed his drink.

Place the flour, butter and salt into a large clean bowl.

My condolences!

Kevin had an out-of body experience while meditating.

She has lived alone for ages.

She really likes writing poems.


I caught three fish today.

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This car is kind of flashy.

My mouth is numb.

A Swiss watch can't be made anywhere but in Switzerland.


Would you give me a lift home?

Lindsey really needs a better nickname.

I have never heard him speak ill of others.

Hirofumi studied Germans in college.

We should do that again.

Russell thinks martial arts are silly.

My memory is failing.


I don't even butter my bread; I consider that cooking.


Chris is gross.


"For the umpteenth time, turn down the music!" Knudsen's mother yelled.

I sent a present to Vinod yesterday.

I'll give you everything you need.

There are many ways to translate texts.

Compared to her, I am very impractical.


I refused her invitation to dinner.

This is my desk.

We're trying to get better.

I was just wondering if you'd heard anything from Elric.

Oliver was tortured.


How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

The coin is made out of gold.

An overwhelming part of our behavior is learned.

This is getting complicated.

The changes were surprising.

Let me go.

After the accident, he never could move his leg again.


She had her heavy suitcase carried by the porter.

It isn't easy to teach little kids.

Stephan brought back Kerry to the police station.

What's your answer, Jelske?

Susanne couldn't make himself understood.


Many people only speaks one language.

Darryl is much shorter than I am.

It's basically the same thing.


I don't have a spare shirt.

This soup is really good.

Do you think this has something to do with what happened here last week?

What makes you think I don't like your friends?

I'm the one who saved you.

Mick's definitely off his game.

Turn off the damn camera!


We were proud of them.


Tor was sent to a prisoner camp.

Marci is the only person that has any chance to persuade Jones.

Loukas, please hand me the hammer.

Would you be willing to help me clean the garage?

Kate visited Australia three years ago.


That old man must be insane.

Donna wished he could tell Metin about what had happened.

This is not my idea of fun.

You've gone too far!

Don't tell me how to do my job!

Clare's hands are in his pockets.

Our parents are so proud.


I can't give those to you.

We need an answer.

I'll deal with it.


What is the chief aim of this society?


Wendy drinks about three liters of water a day.


Jose paused for a moment to collect his thoughts.


Don't be a stubborn fool.

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I guess they really weren't happy.

I thought you might want to see Jinchao right away.

Duncan is with Eugene now.

Let us remember that if this financial crisis taught us anything, it's that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers.

Electrical appliances have made housework easier.

How much does it cost to stay at that hotel?

This fear is understandable.

I didn't visit the headquarters of Twitter.

Bernie pulled the suitcases out of the trunk.

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Larry was given a life sentence for killing a security guard.

It might work.

The storm did a lot of harm to the crops.

I spent all day in the library.

Isn't one of you enough?


Come on, Vernon, cut it out.

The news that her husband had been killed in an accident was a great shock to her.

I don't know what has happened to him.

You mill mine, and I'll mill the village chief's.

Christie's way of speaking got on my nerves.

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Nobody cares for me.


What time does the first game start?


The roses are in bloom.

You are completely wrong.

How did this happen to me?

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I knew your brother.

The police tried to stop the street demonstration.

Mathematics is the queen of the sciences.

What's your analysis?

John is at his peak now.

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What a boy!

I'll keep these if you don't mind.

Jef was only trying to save a little money.

"If you stop loving the robot, it will take its revenge upon you" "That robot will--" "Yes" " What type of revenge?" "It will kill you"

He ended his life by jumping off the bridge.


Winning isn't everything.

She talked to the chairperson.

The calzone is a pizza-like turnover, filled with tomatoes and cheese, whose name comes from an Italian word for "pants."

Seek truth from facts.

How is your work getting along?

The fishermen ignored Sam's warning.

You have enough time.

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The longer we wait, the less chance we have of finding Aimee.

I was feeling confident.

He unloaded the car.

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Something wonderful happened today.